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Picture of Trinity Trinity Lutheran Church
Where Jesus' Voice is Heard, Proclaimed and Lived
N60 W6047 Columbia Road
Cedarburg, WI 53012
(262) 377-0610

Pastor's Word for July 2020

I'm used to working out at XPerience Fitness in West Allis. I get to see friends and use all different kinds of equipment. It keeps me motivated and free from monotony. At this time I'm relegated to working out at home. I do have some basic equipment from which I can get a decent workout. But it is the same day after day. For cardio I have a recumbent stationary bike. It is good, but doesn't offer the variety that I like. I watch people running on the sidewalks and trails and I feel a loss. I used to run quite a bit. For me, it was the best cardio that I could find. So, the other day I decided that I would run a bit -- just a little run. What could it hurt? I've been biking so my legs should be strong enough, right? The only thing is ... when I had knee surgery to trim out about 30 percent of my cartilage a few years ago, the Dr. told Kelly (while I was recovering from surgery) that I was never to run again, ever! He showed her the photo of the inside of my knee and the arthritis that is forming there. So, yeah, I had that in mind when I decided to go against the Dr.'s orders and run anyway. At 6:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, I walked to the end of my driveway and turned left on the sidewalk and began running. It felt really good to run. That was the first 5 steps. At the neighbor's driveway -- about 20 feet -- I felt something in my knee pop. And it wasn't the knee I had surgery on! DOH! So, I stopped and limped home, put ice on my knee and elevated it until morning devotions. It has taken a couple of weeks for the pain to subside.

I knew better, but I did it anyway. An expert told me not to do this ...

Experts in the field of virology and infectious diseases continually tell us not to meet in person -- especially in an enclosed church setting. I hesitate to re-open church for in-person worship based on their advice because anything can happen.

I think of the fact that I am one of the younger people in worship on Sunday mornings. We can truly say that we feel good. We can say that Ozaukee County doesn't have that many cases. What can happen? Well, we don't know. I'm not willing to risk your physical health. I almost said "well-being," but I know that that term encompasses much more than just physical health. We are hurting emotionally too because of physical distancing. I'm an Olson (Mom's side of the family are Olson). We are big huggers. Yes, I'm hurting too. I have hope amidst this shroud of viral vigilance that we will be together again in worship in the sanctuary. I have hope in the resurrection of Christ that God is with us in meaningful ways.

Peace be with you always!
Pastor Brent